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About   oneProton(TM) Inc -  Visionary Excellence

oneProton(TM) aims to help enable the green energy revolution by building the greenest, cheapest and most modular energy storage systems on the market ranging from big energy suppliers to commercial and home systems.


This is the answer to the question "what happens when the wind isn't blowing and it's dark?".

Until now the answer has usually been to keep gas and coal fired power stations online or in standby or, worse still, increasing nuclear energy reliance.


This is no longer necessary with the oneProton(TM) solution.


Imagine a solution to energy storage:

  •   With no polluting side effects, no greenhouse gas emissions 

  •   Is modular and easily scalable

  •   Low Cost to build and maintain relative to other options

  •   Doesn't use nasty metals like Lithium, or potentially combusting batteries

  •   Doesn't require complex and expensive battery management software

  •   Uses a low amount of natural, renewable resources as its input 

  •   Can flip on and provide electricity in under a second

  •   Has a relatively small land footprint

  •   Uses tried and tested technology

  •   Has no risk from harmful gas escapes

  •   Can be largely built from recycled materials

Imagine no more...

oneProton(TM) - applied genius

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