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Our Ethics And Principles

Ethically Unchallenged, Service To Match


We aim to say what we'll do and then we'll do what we said.
A promise is a promise.

We will move all resources necessary to meet our commitments however, should something unavoidable happen, we will update clients as soon as possible and keep them advised daily as to status and rectification plans.
Everything we do is environmentally assessed for it's impact - from mining minerals to transport and through disposal/usage. We aim to reduce this environmental footprint so it is a net-positive impact.

Although what we do is at the front of innovation we select technologies carefully. We always prefer proven and tested methods as working right on the "bleeding-edge" can make for unpredictable performance, cost and times.

The Workplace

We have a zero tolerance for sexual or physical abuse in the workplace along with all other hostile acts. Upward reporting is mandatory for all supervisors and management. A skip process is also available.

We are a SAFETY-FIRST company. From our designs for clients to our operating procedures in house. Staff are rewarded for pointing out safety issues and safety is priority 1,2 and 3.

We aim to make our products as environmentally sound as possible and to operate our business with as low an environmental impact as possible.

Our Core values are defined by SHRI2EQ (Pronouncd "SHRIEK")

Safety Health Respect Integrity Innovation Execution Quality


We do not discriminate for anything except job related skills and experience. If, with reasonable accommodation you can do the job better than other applicants, then you are hired! We try to create teams with diverse working styles so your personality is considered but not gender, race, sexuality, age, weight, looks, disability or any other non work related factors.
We aim for equal pay for equal work. During interviews candidates are told the median and maximum pay levels of current employees doing similar jobs and will always beat the median company pay level for similar skill levels.


Interested in working for oneProton?


We are hiring energy grid specialists, high tension electrical engineers and regulation experts, electrolysis and fuel cell experts, HR staff, marketeers and administrators, building large site contractors  and more...

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